Resources in flow is a hybrid consulting and venturing business. We pursue strategic partnership opportunities and facilitate them across a range of industry sectors and geographic regions. Our areas of interest include the development of human, digital and material resources. We cultivate partnerships and identify new markets for products, services and programs that help companies and institutions globally secure reliable and unhindered access to the human, material and digital resources they need to run their businesses and keep them successful.

Putting it more concisely, we invest in our partnerships and help sustain the flow of resources – human, digital and material, that businesses worldwide use to produce the products and services that benefit mankind. We advise businesses and organizations on strategy, marketing, operations, organization, transformation and digital.

Our simple approach to consulting and venturing include offering advisory service to directly putting our time, effort and financial resources into partnerships we believe will create benefit for everyone in the chain of the business

In our consulting business, our emphasis is on strategy development, brand building as well as offering market entry services to foreign companies wishing to enter a specific market space.

In so doing we are able to offer:

  • Portfolio Assessment: that is identifying opportunities to enhance and expand product and service offerings across specified sectors and geographies.
  • Expansion Strategy: that is developing entry strategy, identify market opportunities and provide analysis and recommendations on policy and regulation issues.

We also deal in the vast resources of the earth. We exploit only a fraction of the materials that are naturally occurring in nature for the benefit of the people of our planet. These materials include ores, metals and industrial minerals, including their semi-processed and fully refined derivatives which become the vital raw materials that are used by industries worldwide. We also offer advisory and consulting services on raw materials types, quality, and usage.

But we take only a fraction of these resources to create value for our customers, ourselves and for everyone in the chain of our business operations- our customers, investors, partners and the communities in which we work.